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“Seeing Form” This is a collection of “present moments”. These moments are time, standing still while everything else moves. Even the other moments move! However, they do not hinder each other, as each one is “for the time being”. Occupying a common space that supports and connects them, they arise, abide, change and then pass away, over and over, again and again. When looking at my work, try to let go of judgement, and allow yourself to see clearly. You may need to get very close, or back away until the image forms. Make an effort not to name them or make them into something. “Ironically, its very ordinariness presents the challenge because we are so caught up in our ideas and fantasies…” (Reverend Master Meiten McGuire) Eloise Larson

At the Wall I  45'X38'  Archival Photograph on Panel  $1800
At the Wall II  45'X38'  Archival Photo on Panel  $1800
He Remembers  Oil on Panel  48'X36'  SOLD
Light Holder  Oil on Panel  48'X36'  SOLD
Fir Baby  Oil on Panel  12'X12'  $400
Sitting Still  Seeing Clearly  10'X8'  Intaglio  $125
Congratulations it's a Girl!  10'X8'  Intaglio  $125
Favorite Jewel  42'X32'  Digital Collage on Panel  $1200
Henry's Walk  42'X30'  Digital Collage on Panel  $1200
Heart of Grace  35'X35'  Digital Collage on Panel  $1000
One  5'X6'  Oil on Canvas  Diptych  $2000
Mountain View  35'X46'  Archival Photo on Panel  $1200